Special Menu in Toronto Canada


Filipino dishes are brought to the country by Filipino immigrants. Street or “kanto” foods, “kamayan” or boodle fight festive meals are some examples of authentic Filipino foods. There are many Filipino entrepreneurs selling these dishes. For instance, TitaFlips is a Filipino-owned business currently offering a special menu in Toronto, CA to locals and tourists alike.

Adobo Special Menu 

Adobo is one of the Filipinos most sought special menu recipes. Every region in the Philippines has a unique “adobo” version. This pork or chicken dish generally includes soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, onions, and pepper. 

In some provinces, adobo recipes include potatoes and “laurel” or dried bay leaves for added aroma and flavor. Some Filipinos also add egg and even combine pork and chicken meat to come up with a “pork-chicken adobo” recipe.

Cooking this Filipino staple fish is very easy. The procedures include sauteing onion and garlic in cooking oil until light brownish and adding meat ingredients with soy sauce, vinegar, and other ingredients. Some Filipinos prefer dried adobo while others want it with generous sauce.

Pork Menudo Special Menu

One of the most sought festive Filipino recipes includes “menudo” or tomato-based pork dish with liver. Pork Menudo is a favorite “lutong bahay” or homemade dish seen on Filipino dining tables. 

Pork Menudo can be regional, wherein different provinces have unique “menudo” versions.  This tomato-based stew includes slices of pork meat and liver, along with other ingredients such as carrots, potatoes, and bell pepper. Many “menudo” recipes include Pinoy red hotdogs, garbanzos or green peas, and some also include sun-dried raisins.

Cebu Lechon Belly Special Menu 

Cebu Lechon is a famous Filipino roasted pig recipe. Many Filipinos love Cebu Lechon because of its crispiness and flavorful smoky taste and aroma. The meat is tender and juicy because this roasted pork menu is traditionally cooked for several hours over an open fire. 

In Filipino festivities, lechon is a must-have. It symbolizes prosperity and extravagance. This menu makes an impressive addition to all special occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and holidays. Filipinos crave this roasted dish all-year round.

People who want to try Cebu Lechon can now order online. TitaFlips Cebu Lechon pork belly is now available to complete weeknight dinners.

Filipino Kamayan Special Menu 

A Filipino Kamayan Kit or boodle fight meal includes different dishes creatively arranged on banana leaves eaten using bare hands. The dishes include fried fish, crispy pork belly lechon, seafood, grilled veggies, lumpia Shanghai, various barbecued meats, sliced tomatoes, and fresh mangoes.

Filipino “kamayan” or boodle fight kits have traditional sauces or dips, such as soy sauce with fish sauce or calamansi juice with chili, fresh garlic, and vinegar or “suka.” Ordering a Filipino kamayan kit from authentic Filipino food businesses, like TitaFlips will make every family bonding time more meaningful and unforgettable.


Special menu dishes in Toronto, Canada with authentic Filipino roots include “adobo,” “mechado,” Cebu Lechon, and “kamayan” or a Filipino boodle fight menu. TitaFlips offers these Filipino dishes, along with many other food choices. Serving authentic Filipino dishes is made easier with TitaFlips. Customers can order TitaFlip’s special menu of the day via its website or by phone call.