Anybody looking for Filipino dishes in a “kamayan kit” in Toronto Canada? One of the traditional practices in the Philippines is eating using bare hands, known as “kamayan” or boodle fight. This Filipino practice eliminates using spoons, forks, and other utensils during festivities. But how can anyone experience this unique Filipino tradition? The answer is availing a Filipino Kamayan Kit at filipino restaurant or filipino street food in Toronto, Canada  like  TitaFlips can be your favourite spot.

What to Expect in a Filipino Kamayan Kit?

A Filipino Kamayan Kit includes various Filipino dishes presented creatively on banana leaves. The dishes that make up this Filipino bounty include fried fish, seafood, crispy pork belly lechon, grilled veggies, lumpia Shanghai, various barbecued meats, tomatoes, and fresh mangoes.

Crispy Lechon Belly is included in a “kamayan” kit. This must-try Filipino food is an authentic roasted pork dish. Cebu Lechon is traditionally slowly cooked for several hours until achieving a crisp texture-to-bite and rich, smoky flavorful taste from herbs and spices. 

Fried or grilled fish in Filipino “kamayan” kits usually include tilapia and “bangus” of milkfish. Some kits also include favorite kinds of seafood such as fried or grilled shrimps, crabs, lobsters, and squid.

Spring rolls, “lumpia Shanghai,” usually include ground pork or beef and vegetables. The common veggies used in “lumpiang Shanghai” include carrots, Baguio beans, and string beans. This street food is best enjoyed with spice-rich cane vinegar (onions, pepper, and cucumber bits). 

Filipino Kamayan kits aren’t complete without traditional sauces. Filipinos create different dipping sauces that cater to every personal taste. Many enjoy soy sauce with fish sauce or calamansi juice with a bit of vinegar or “suka.” Some Filipino sauce recipes include chili and fresh garlic. Traditional Ilocano dips include shrimp paste or a dish of bagoong, popular in the northern part of the Philippines.

Enjoy the Festive Experience

Filipino Boodle Fight Toronto CAEach region in the Philippines has a “kamayan” recipe. Generally, fried and grilled meats are included. In Vigan City, the home of Spanish Heritage Village (Unesco World Heritage City), garlic “longganisa” or sausage is a staple in boodle fights. In the South, Cebu Lechon is a must-have.

Every Filipino Kamayan Kit, like TitaFlips, offers a festive experience. This extravagant family meal is a must-try in family reunions, parties, and special occasions. Whether people want to enjoy a Filipino boodle fight in a restaurant or at home, nothing can stop having access to this deliciously satisfying meal. Enjoy the Filipino “Kamayan” feast with delicious take-home meal kits from TitaFlips, a Filipino restaurant in Toronto, Canada. A boodle fight or “kamayan” makes people spend more time at the dinner table and catch up with each other, reuniting families and friends.


Where can people order Filipino Kamayan Kits? Filipino Kamayan Kits in Toronto, CA are now available for grabs by locals and tourists alike. With this traditional Filipino festive meal, families create stronger ties. Ordering a “kamayan kit” from authentic Filipino food businesses, like TitaFlips will make every family bonding time and weekend nights more meaningful and unforgettable.