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Since 1980, Tita Flips is a family business that has been creating and specializing in authentic Filipino dishes and pastries way back in the Philippines.  Tita Flips has created a niche in peanut products that are distinctly Filipino – Garlic Peanuts (adobo-style) and Peanut Brittle, a popular peanut candy. It was formerly known as Diona’s Peanut Products which was a brand of choice when referring to peanuts.

When we moved to Toronto, there has been a demand to continue what we started. Clients who had tasted our food always come back for more. As a result of, Tita Flips has to continue the tradition and even expanded to a full-service catering. We have been making events perfect for hosts and guest alike not just from Filipino community but to almost every culture.

We take great pride in preparing and presenting our foods so that they taste great and look their very best. Our mission is to provide superior product and service customized to our clients’ needs and budget.

For all your catering needs.

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